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Conference 2017 for Teachers of Luthiers

Appropriate for technicians and artesans who want to become teachers in their country or mentors to apprentices; also for apprentices and for all musicians. Musicians will learn princples of maintenance for their instruments and how to locate the new technicians in this career field.

Participantes 2015(The photo shows participants of the 2015 Conference in Ecuador (Panamá, España, Argentina, Ecuador, EEUU) and pianos of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Guayaquil)

Costs are listed in US dollars.

Conference 2017 studies in Piano technology will be held in North and South America and Africa: Wichita, Kansas; Kampala, Uganda; Montreal, Quebec; and Santiago, Chile; with maestros Roy Howard, PhD; and Christian Vilches, LM; and Profesor Manuel Martin.
2017 Schedule for Piano Tech course in Kansas. Monday to Friday 8am a 5pm

Session 1, Wichita, Kansas: Saturdays January through May, 2017
Session 2, Santiago, Chile: daily in February, 2017

Session 3, Wichita, Kansas: daily in June, 2017

Session 4, July 17 through September 22, 2017 in Wichita, Kansas.

Session 5, September 4 through 15, Kampala, Uganda (brass and woodwinds only)

Session 6, October 4, 5, 6, Montreal, Quebec.

Session 7, October 2 through December 8, Wichita, Kansas.

2018 February in Santiago, Chile, then sessions in Wichita and other locations. Please contact us about a session at your location.

IMPORTANT: There is a limit of 5 participants for each teacher.

Please register as a Technician to study musical instrument repair or as an observer

Piano Technician


Tuning, Regulating, Repair with Roy Howard, PhD, University Profesor and Piano Technician; and with Christian Vilches, LM Santiago, Chile, Artesano Magistral en Técnico de Piano, Rebuilder
Participants receive direct instruction and accompany the maestros during repairs, tunings, restorations, moves, and more.

Pedagogy, lesson planning, accreditation issues, aural tuning and stability, repairing, renovating, regulating, moving pianos, humidity control, etc.

Piano Course Registration options for activities in Kansas.
You are welcome to join us for any time at your convenience from one day to three months. Studies personalized to your level of skill and your time and interest.
a. Associates. Join AMLuthiers ($200 per year) and waive registration fees. Personal mentoring continues after the conference. Associates receive certificates of achievement for levels demonstrated.
b. Daily rate $100
c. Weekly rate $300
d. Monthly rate $600


Wind instrument repair with Manuel Martin, Luthier Magister, Profesor de Conservatorio Superior. All activities in Kampala, Uganda. Brass instrument repair and/or Woodwinds repair


Flight and housing.
Sharing a hotel room is more economical. Please indicate your preferences.
Please let us know your itinerary so we can greet you at the airport and take you to your lodging.
Food. We will publish a plan for each day according to the location and the possibilities. Please indicate your preferences or special needs (diet, housing, travel, wheel chair, blind, translator, etc.)
Tourism. We will have suggestions and opportunities for touring together. Please indicate your preferences and special needs.
Tools. We will have tools and parts for sale. You are welcome to bring anything you might like to sell.
Teaching and learning materials. You will be notified of any additional costs for manuals or tool kits needed for your particular choice of courses.
Please feel free to communicate directly with the conference coordinator Xiomara Briones Lucas
Cell phone: 59 (399) 434-1303


REGISTRATION Please complete the Registration Form.
Conference activities are appropriate for technicans and artesans who want to become teachers or mentors. Sessions are appropriate for apprentices and also for musicians. You can register for the entire session, or any period of time. Registration fee waiver and other benefits for members of AMLuthiers

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